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About Justin

Being artistically inclined, the medium of photography has always been a fascination to me. That fascination turned into passion when I started to assist a wedding photographer a couple of years ago. What can be more fulfilling than to be able to capture romance in a couple's most important day in their life; to be the person to preserve that precious moment by way of photographs. As a professional wedding photographer, I set a high standard for myself and my perfectionist nature is to my clients' advantage. Not only do I pay close attention to details but I am also quick to capture gestures, expressions and moods. Afterall, a single picture can paint a thousand words.

How I Work

Having a photographer constantly in your face could ruin the solemnity of the wedding rites. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. And I don't require the couple to spend too much time posing for the camera. Rest assured that I will be there to capture every moment. 6

After the wedding, I immediately work on your photos. It is important that I do this while the event and sequence are still fresh in my mind. The website that I will create for you will be ready in 4 weeks, even less. Because every wedding is special, I am careful not to overbook lest it prejudice the quality of my work.

nj wedding photojournalist
The Girls Color Isolation Effect enhanced this beautiful photograph of the Bride with her Bridesmaid
candid weding photographer
Kids will be kids. The kids watched saturday morning cartoons while the grown ups ran back and forth trying to fix themselves for the big day.
traditional contemporary wedding photography in nj
Father & Son
Special moments shared by father and son.
Time to Party!!
Big party!! Nobody can resist a good 'ol YMCA song. A wedding in Newark NJ with guests wearing party hats and sunglasses provided by the band and the DJ.
The guys. They patiently awaited for the bride and her bride's maids. A photo caught right on time when everybody looked out the window
A gorgeous flower-like photo of one of the bridesmaid spinning around in Garret Mountain Castle (Clifton, NJ). She never knew she was being photographed.
First Introduction of the Bride and Groom
Together Under the Veil

The Great Toss
They shoved, pushed and giggled, but only one will catch the bouquet. A photograph caught perfectly as the bouquet was in flight.

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All artworks & images Copyright ©2007 by: JuStin T. (Professional Photographer) All rights reserved

All artworks & images Copyright ©2007 by: JuStin Tinapay NJ Photographer. All rights reserved
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